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A New Initiative
Custom Office Fit-Out

When seeking for office space, it is important to not only consider the rental cost, but also the costs involved in fitting out a desired office space. Whether partial or full floor, our experienced project management team, who have coordinated a numbers of office built-out projects, can partner with you to design, build and fit-out an office like no other.

You name it, and
we will take care of the rest.

Time- Saving

From finding contractors to making design decisions, every office fit-out process can take a significant amount of time. With KL33’s project management team, you can pass all the hassle to us. We aim to provide the best solution based on your preliminary project budget and timeline.

Ready to get the best result with the least effort?

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Move-in Date

Time & Cost Effective


Full Utilisation
of Space

Private Layout

Included Amenities

Professional & Social Events

24/7 Building Access

Car Park

Bike Storage


We pride ourselves in office project management.

Enjoy these custom options and have your office located in the prime business centre and commercial hotspot in Kuala Lumpur.